Striving for Excellence: A Peek into Customer Interaction at MYPadL

Striving for Excellence: A Peek into Customer Interaction at MYPadL

We're in the business of making people happy. Our aim is always to provide excellent service to every customer, with every order we fulfil. We believe that each interaction, be it a simple transaction, a compliment, or a challenge, offers us an opportunity to grow and learn. Today, I'd like to share one such recent experience. While I have removed any personally identifiable information, the story remains intact.

It begins with an order we received on early July 5th for a customized MYPadL Banz. The order was made and promptly mailed out 2 days later, but unfortunately, it didn't make it to its destination as expected. The customer, Mark, contacted us with his concerns on July 16th, having noticed no movement on his parcel's tracking since July 8th.

As our standard operating procedure dictates, we initiated a missing mail request with USPS, but as with any process, it took some time (3 days). We communicated this to Mark and reassured him that we were doing everything possible to rectify the situation. And no matter what happens we will refund him his money or make a replacement order for him. Unfortunately, the situation didn't resolve as quickly as either of us hoped. Frustrations began to rise, and Mark's patience began to wear thin.

We always strive to maintain open and respectful communication with our customers. As a family-run business, we want every customer to feel like they're a part of our extended family. However, we understand that delays can be frustrating. Each one of our custom products is crafted with care and patience, and it's heartbreaking for us when they don't make it to their intended homes on time.

Despite our best efforts, we sometimes encounter obstacles that we can't control. The delivery process is one such hurdle. Sometimes (1 out of 200), parcels can be lost or delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, leaving us to rely on the information provided by the USPS. Unfortunately, this doesn't always lead to a quick resolution, much to our and our customers' dismay.

Our company policy dictates a waiting period of 20 days from the shipping date before we can issue a refund or send out a replacement. This period may seem long, but it's a timeframe set out in coordination with USPS, as misplaced packages are often found within this time.

When we received Mark's request for an immediate refund on July 17th, we were still waiting on the final update from USPS regarding the missing mail search we filed and agian reassuring him that we can issue a refund or replacement after the 20 day mark from when the item was originally shipped.. However, understanding his growing frustration, a refund was processed through our platform, and our shipping insurance will not remiburse us, unless the customer signs an affidavit stating they didn’t receive the product, and I think Mark is not going to take the time to do this for us. If he does great, but probably not. .

Each product we make is customised, meaning if it returns to us or if it's lost, it has no resale value. If the product does eventually arrive at Mark's address, we hope he enjoys it, regardless of the misunderstanding and frustration.

We're all human. We all have good days and bad days, and sometimes, circumstances beyond our control affect our mood and reactions. Maybe Mark was having a rough week, and our interaction was the straw that broke the camel's back. But we're in the business of learning, growing, and helping. If this experience helps Mark in any way, then that's a positive takeaway for us.

We can't satisfy every customer, but we will continue to try our hardest to do so. We will continue to learn from each experience and strive to do better. After all, we are not perfect - we are just human beings too.

Thank you, dear readers, for allowing us the chance to make things right, for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We appreciate your support, your understanding, and your patience. And to Mark, wherever you are, we hope that the rest of your week goes better.
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