The Story of MYPadL®

At nearly every pickleball court across the world, a familiar chorus echoes between games - "Whose Paddle?" over and over again.
Whose Pickleball Paddle during open play
That constant request was the spark that ignited the creation of MYPadL®. We witnessed the confusion, the mix-ups, the trying to get the person who is up next attention, and we thought: there must be a better way.

At MYPadL®, we're not just players; we're innovators. We looked at the universal feature of every paddle – the silicone band at the top of the grip – and saw an opportunity. An opportunity to end the "Whose Paddle?" madness, to give players a means to express their style, and to add a personalized touch to the game we all love. Thus, MYPadL Banz was born.

We are the first and original company to scale the personalization and customization of this silicone band, maintaining high durability, ensuring no fading of the customization, and delivering it at an affordable price within a week. But MYPadL® isn’t just a product. It’s a testament to our values - honesty, integrity, and simplicity.

Our customers are at the heart of our mission. They're players who love the game and the camaraderie it brings, players who want their paddles to be an extension of their personality, players who appreciate style and practicality. Whether they want a simple way to identify their paddle or a fashionable accent that sets their gear apart, we're here to make it happen.

As a brand, we're committed to making the pickleball experience fun, easy, and uniquely personal. But our vision extends beyond the courts. We envision a future where every paddle is personalized with a MYPadL® Banz, where players can easily identify their sporting equipment, enhancing not just their game, but also their sense of belonging to the global pickleball community.

To date, MYPadL® Banz adorns over 100,000 paddles across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. But numbers only tell part of our story. Every testimonial, every thank you note from a satisfied customer, is a testament to the impact we're making. And with each positive feedback, we’re reminded of why we started MYPadL®

Innovation is the driving force behind MYPadL®. We've streamlined our manufacturing process, improved the quality of our Banz, and sped up our delivery and customer service. We're always exploring new ideas, like introducing new color Banz and font types, to keep our offerings fresh and exciting.

But MYPadL® is more than just a product or a brand; it's a community. We connect with our customers and the broader pickleball community through social media, podcasts, and sponsorships. We donate pickleball racks to new courts, supporting the growth of the sport and the communities that surround it.

MYPadL® is not just about identifying your paddle; it's about marking your place in the vibrant, growing world of pickleball. It's about making your paddle uniquely yours, in a way that doesn't compromise its performance. It’s about adding a pop of color and a dash of personal style to the game.

MYPadL Banz

This is MYPadL®. We’re here to bring fun, style, and a personal touch to the game of pickleball. Because with MYPadL®, every paddle has a story to tell.


How MYPadL ® Started

Richard & Sam met back in 2015, both just starting to play Pickleball.  After joining St. Michael's Pickleball Club at the same time in Carlsbad California.  They quickly became buddies and huge fans of the game, meeting and playing with a bunch of other Pickleball enthusiasts. They then, worked together in business while still enjoying visits to various Pickleball courts in North County San Diego. 


As the sport has grown with more waiting time and less court availability, Richard & Sam identified a growing problem.  That was, at the end of a game, who was next up to play?  Most of the paddles look similar and there were no distinguishable marks to identify the owner.  

Typically, someone has designated themselves as the Pickleball traffic controller aka the person yelling "Whose Paddle!!!" Which is not a completely effective or efficient way of getting the next players to play the next match.  This usually involves a lot of yelling and looking around, holding paddles in the air, in hopes of the player paying attention that they are next up. 

Richard & Sam thought, there has to be a better way, of identifying one's paddle and secondly, assisting in who is up next to play.   This is where MYPadL® was born!  A customizable & personalized Banz that can easily fit on your paddle without negatively affecting the functionality and looks of your paddle.