Donated Paddle Rack Shows How Pickleball Can Take Off Within Local Community

Donated Paddle Rack Shows How Pickleball Can Take Off Within Local Community

Newly installed rack system to debut on March 15 in a community that loves the sport 

OCEANSIDE, Calif.—March 6, 2024—MYPadL, supplier of Pickleball accessories, today announced that it has donated a paddle rack system to the Alpharetta, Georgia community’s Pickleball courts. This is the first in what company plans to be a monthly donation to communities that love Pickleball, which is one of the fastest growing sports in the USA. The paddle rack enables players to set the order of teams and players who are next up for a game. The newly installed rack system will be part of the community courts’ grand reopening and ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, March 15th.

The MYPadL giveaway is a company initiative to support the growth of Pickleball, which is a cross between tennis and ping pong. The game is played on a special court. The rules for players and teams state that rackets must be set down on the sidelines in the order of “who plays the next game.” The rack makes it possible to follow this rule without leaving paddles on the ground, where they can get damaged. It has slots for rackets and red, white, and blue markers making clear which team is up next.

“Our goal is to inspire and improve conditions for players and their Pickleball courts every month by providing a free paddle rack to a deserving community located in the Unites States and its territories,” said Sam Goodwin and Richard Deane, co-founders of MYPadL. “We want to improve the pickleball experience, support the growth of the sport and foster strong community bonds. There are not enough courts for Pickleball players, so we wanted to help the efficiency of play to move things along for playing waiting for their turns.”

Sandy Bishop, who entered her community to win the paddle rack could only exclaim, “WAHOOO… we’re so excited to be the recipient of the paddle rack for our new courts. The rack will help make the playing experience all the more special.”

Goodwin and Deane continued, “When new courts are built or converted from tennis courts, a paddle rack system, vital for the smooth transition of new players waiting to come onto the court, is usually an afterthought. Instead of sponsorship with banners or stickers, or paying an advertising fee, we wanted to do something different to positively impact Pickleball lovers.

MYPadL is famous for its MYPadL Banz, which help identify the owner of a paddle with custom, colored bands that are easy to attach to a Pickleball paddle without compromising performance.

MYPadL is offering 50% off for orders of 4 or more paddles. All orders over $35 receive free domestic shipping.

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