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Custom Pickleball Paddles vs. MYPadL Banz: Which is Better for You?

Though some may be interested in getting a custom pickleball paddle, I would advise against it. The time it takes to think up of a design and also, how will it look when you get your custom pickleball paddle?  Will the custom pickleball paddle have the same performance of your current paddle?  

In my opinion it's better to get a MYPadL Banz.  Of course I am bias, and this is part of the reason we started MYPadL.  We wanted a simple way to personalize and customize our paddles, without compromising the paddle performance.  We saw a problem during open play where there are stacks of paddles (people waiting in line to play the next game) and saw that most of the paddles look similar.  Also, the fact that Pickleball is a super sociable sport. 

We get busy catching up with our friends and teammates.  We may lose track of where we are in line for the next game, and of course, someone is yelling "Whose Paddle?, Whose Paddle?!?"  Yes, you could make your own custom pickleball paddle, but wouldn't it be easier to keep your existing paddle or own a paddle that has great technology that you really enjoy, but doesn't offer customization?  A MYPadL Banz can easily be placed onto any brand and style of pickleball paddle.  A paddle that you really enjoy and have become comfortable with. 
MYPadL Banz
MYPadL Banz is a retainer band that can be placed on any type of paddle used in pickleball. Easily replacing the existing retainer band (if one is present on the paddle at the top of the grip). Pickleball paddles are normally very expensive and it can be difficult to find a paddle that is the right size and style. The MYPadL Banz is a great way to make your old or new paddle stand out and recognizable, and suit your style.

The MYPadL Banz makes it easy to customize your paddle. You can choose from a wide range of colors and fonts. It is also easy to attach to your paddle without compromising your paddle's performance. MYPadL Banz will help you identify your paddle among the crowd of paddles. Also, instead of hear someone saying "Whose Paddle, whose paddle ?!?!" over and over again. You'll hear, "hey INSERT YOUR NAME HERE, you're up!"

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