Proto Type Olive Wood Pickleball Paddle

The Pickleball World Embraces a Wooden Revolution: MYPadL Banz Has You Covered

In a surprising turn of events, the International Pickleball Paddle Federation ( has announced a major rule change, shaking up the world of pickleball as we know it. In response to recent controversies surrounding delaminating paddles, the IPPF will require that all paddles used in official tournaments be made from reclaimed hardwood or medium softwoods starting June 2024. This game-changing decision has sparked debates and excitement among pickleball enthusiasts. As players adapt to the new regulations, MYPadL Banz offers the perfect solution for personalizing and identifying your wooden pickleball paddle.

A beautifully crafted olive wood pickleball paddle with unique wood grain patterns, showcasing the natural color and texture of reclaimed wood

A Nod to Tradition and Sustainability:

Taking cues from other professional sports like Major League Baseball and cricket, both of which use wooden bats, the IPPF aims to level the playing field by eliminating the performance-enhancing effects caused by delaminating paddles. By endorsing reclaimed woods like Olive, Pistachio, Pecan, and other nuts for the new wooden paddles, the IPPF also emphasizes sustainability and environmental consciousness.

An elegant pecan wood pickleball paddle featuring rich, warm tones and distinctive grain patterns, exemplifying the charm of sustainably-sourced materials

MYPadL Banz: The Perfect Companion for Your Wooden Paddle:

With most wood paddles expected to look similar, MYPadL Banz offers an innovative and stylish way for players to personalize their equipment. These customizable, reusable bands can be easily attached to the handle of a pickleball paddle, making it simple to identify individual paddles at a glance. As the pickleball community transitions to wooden paddles, MYPadL Banz is the go-to solution for standing out on the court.

A striking pistachio wood pickleball paddle, displaying intricate grain patterns and a blend of light and dark hues, highlighting the appeal of eco-friendly resources


As the pickleball world prepares for this wooden revolution, players and fans alike are excited to see how the new rule will impact the sport. MYPadL Banz is poised to become an essential accessory for players adapting to the change, ensuring that their reclaimed wooden paddles are easily identifiable and personalized. However, it's worth noting that we can't be 100% certain this change will actually happen, especially since the announcement comes on April 1st...
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