Story of MYPadL

Richard & Sam met back in 2015, both just starting to play Pickleball.  After joining St. Michael's Pickleball Club at the same time in Carlsbad California.  They quickly became buddies and huge fans of the game, meeting and playing with a bunch of other Pickleball enthusiasts. They then, worked together in business while still enjoying visits to various Pickleball courts in North County San Diego. 

As the sport has grown with more waiting time and less court availability, Richard & Sam identified a growing problem.  That was, at the end of a game, who was next up to play?  Most of the paddles look similar and there were no distinguishable marks to identify the owner.  

Typically, someone has designated themselves as the Pickleball traffic controller aka the person yelling "Whose Paddle!!!" Which is not a completely effective or efficient way of getting the next players to play the next match.  This usually involves a lot of yelling and looking around, holding paddles in the air, in hopes of the player paying attention that they are next up. 

Richard & Sam thought, there has to be a better way, of identifying one's paddle and secondly, assisting in who is up next to play.   This is where MYPadL was born!  A customizable & personalized Banz that can easily fit on your paddle without negatively affecting the functionality and looks of your paddle.